Our marquees are designed to be adaptable to all our customer's requirements. The modern design gives you the elegance of a traditional marquee, with high ceilings and rounded ends, but without the restrictions and inconvenience of centre poles or guy ropes.

Marquee Exterior

There are many additions we can make to your marquee to complete the overall look, such as walkways, canopies, Georgian windows, or solid wooden doors.

The side walls are fully removable in warm weather. At colder times, our heaters can make sure your guests are as warm as in any indoor venue.

The marquees come in a range of sizes, from large marquees which can seat up to 300 people, to small marquees for your back garden which can be attached to the house to add extra space for parties.

We will carefully plan the interior of your marquee to meet all the requirements of your function. From a formal meal in the afternoon through to a disco in the evening, we can anticipate all your needs, providing catering and reception tents, dance floor areas and staging for live bands.

All our marquees come with a co-ordinated range of lighting and furniture, which can be adapted to reflect the unique character of your event. The interior of your marquee can also be enhanced by a selection of beautiful linings and exciting lighting effects.